At Large Museum & Exhibition Designers
At large people are leaders in their fields with the talent and tenacity to get work done. We come as a group with complimentary skills and interlocking experience.
The design services offered by the core team include: Museum Planning Studies, Interpretative Exhibition Design, Script writing, Architectural Design and Design Project Management. From our extended specialist network, managed by the core team, we offer: Graphic Design, Lighting, Structural Engineering, Conservation, Audiovisual and Systems Controls, Software Development, Cost Controls and Research.

Helen Abadie BA. Architecture, Dip. Arch (ARB)
Helen is an architect. Her interest in exhibitions developed from early work with Edward Cullinan on the Visitors’ Centre at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire. She subsequently worked with Wickham Associates before joining Ben Kelley to work on the Basement education facilities at the Science Museum in London, Objects of Desire for the Glasgow International Festival of Design and the BBC Design Awards Exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery.
There followed an intensive period of exhibition development, working on galleries of Prehistoric Culture in Taiwan, the Children’s Museum, Dubai and on the masterplan for Think Tank in Birmingham. She also worked with Ned Phillips to develop and deliver Underground Adventure for Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History.
Helen brought her formidable organisational skills to bear as Project Architect of the Money Zone at the Millennium Dome, and it is as a result of this particularly successful collaboration with Bob Baxter that At Large was formed with Ned Phillips to pursue new ideas. In addition to her Director’s role as a member of the creative workshop team Helen contributes particularly to the fields of project planning, budget forecasting and interpretative development.

Bob Baxter BA. Design
Bob’s work as a designer is acknowledged as breaking new ground with the interpretation of complex exhibition content. With over twenty-five years experience in Europe, the United States and Asia he has an informed perspective on the key forces shaping modern museums.
His professional career started with the British Museum followed by several years working in Taiwan,Jerusalem and Hong Kong. A move to the United States as Design Director of Academy Studio offered Bob a chance lead the design of museums in Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Seattle and Mexico.
Back in London, Bob co-designed the permanent Holocaust Exhibition for the Imperial War Museum in London. For the same client he worked on the masterplanning of the new War Museum North with Daniel Libeskind. At the other end of the emotional scale he designed the Money Zone as part of the national celebrations in Britain’s Millennium Dome. Since forming At Large, he has contributed to the development of all the projects in this portfolio. Bob’s main responsibility is to create the design strategy for each job. He is a key member of the development process leading the At Large team.

Ned Phillips BA. Architecture, Dip. Arch (ARB)
Ned is an architect whose early work as an Exhibition Designer and Project Manager is best known through his involvement with The Earth’s Restless Surface at the Natural History Museum in London. His exhibition career began with Met Studio in 1989 with lighting proposals for the Cast Courts at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. In the same year he produced proposals to convert the historic railway station at Bristol into the Museum of the British Empire.
He was Project Architect for the Wellcome Trust’s influential exhibition of bio-medical research Science for Life, responsible for the design development and day-to-day production of this award-winning project.
Ned took a break from formal design work to restore an ocean-going yacht, which he sailed across the Atlantic to explore the East Coast of the United States, He resumed his exhibition work as architect in charge of design and project management of the Earth’s Restless Surface. He was also the Senior Designer of Underground Adventure at the Field Museum, Chicago.
He reconnected with Bob Baxter and Helen Abadie while working on Project Management at the Millennium Dome and established At Large at that time. His investigation into the seamless integration of information media in exhibitions was the driving force behind designs for the London Stock Exchange Media Centre. The thinking behind this project has informed all our subsequent work and Ned leads on all aspects of communications technology.